Series Review: The Young Elites

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Review: Magician

  Raymond E. Fiest Riftwar Saga #1-2 Goodreads | Book Depository Rating: 4/5 Magician is huge. Yes, it is two books squished together – Apprentice and Master – but as daunting as that may sound, they definitely wouldn’t be as satisfying if isolated. The end of Magician: Apprentice was obviously only a segue into Master, I…

Review: Saga

The best way for me to explain this series is Game of Thrones crossed with Star Wars on a cocktail of hallucinogenic drugs.

Review: The Girl on the Train

If you’re going to read this book and you’re no good with this genre, try not to finish it at 2AM, all alone in your house…

… Otherwise you’d be me, sitting here freaked out of your mind.

Review: American Gods

My rating: ★★★☆☆

I liked to think that I’m a self-proclaimed mythology buff.

This book has made me reconsider.